The Next Level of Photo Booth Fun

Party Harder… For Free!

Look, we know how hard it is to throw an awesome party. Even when everything goes perfectly, something could still go wrong.

We’ve seen it too many times.

That’s why we’re not satisfied with merely having the best photo booth service in Denver. We’re constantly figuring out how to ratchet up the fun factor to 12. Yes, all the way to 12. Spinal Tap has nothing on us.

Check it out: Pose flashcards.

How they work

Step 1

Our attendant will give your guests a quick rundown on what they're about to experience, getting them excited and alert for their impromptu poses.

Step 2

As the countdown begins on the photo booth screen, our attendant will throw up a pose flashcard, giving your guests mere seconds to read, internalize, and pose!

Step 3

Word will spread quickly at your event about these pose flashcards, and soon there will be a long line of people watching the fun and waiting for their turn to experience the excitement.

'Jeff and his team at MiHi have created a simple but genius new way to photo booth. We kept going back to the booth just to try out different cards!'

Pose Flashcards - The Un-Prop

We didn’t come up with the idea of prompts. We took it and made it awesome!

Hundreds of Cards

Instead of the 3 generic poses other companies have (if you're lucky!)

Specially Selected for Each Group our world-class attendant. Why? You only have to see another company make this mood killing mistake once. Like the time an automated photo booth tried to get a chemo patient to do a “hair flip.” Ouch!

Eliminate Stress

So many people freeze when faced with a camera. Combine a pose card with a countdown and watch the stage fright vanish!

Increase the Fun!

In the old days, guests might hit the photo booth once… if that! Since we rolled out our zany Pose Cards, we’ve seen crowds turn the photo booth into a game. People keep coming back over and over again throughout the entire night, wanting to try all of the poses!

Converting Even the Most Somber

Here’s when we knew that our Pose Flashcards were a winner.

Here’s the deal. Normal photo booths can get boring quickly. We know this since we saw it in action. People might stop in once, give an awkward smile, and then never return for the rest of the night.

That didn’t work for us. Not one bit. So we retreated to our lab and came up with something awesome: Pose Flashcards.

Here’s when we knew that our Pose Flashards were a winner. We were at an industry event for wedding planners. This is a big business. High stakes. They’ve seen it all. They’ve done it all.

A group of planners were standing off to the side, watching us set up our booth. They declined our initial invitation to try out our Pose Cards.

Until they saw how much fun our first group had!

They reluctantly gave it a try. That’s when they were hooked. They kept returning to our booth until we ran out of cards!

There’s something magical about watching these stalwarts of the wedding industry rediscover the absolute joy of photo booths. It’s kind of why we’re in the entertainment business. Helping people have fun is fun!

Don't Throw Lame Parties

Being the best means first perfecting the fundamentals. We did that by hiring the friendliest attendants, investing in equipment that works reliably and instantly, and rolling out themed photo booths.

Then, once you have a good bedrock, you can explore. Innovate. Create. Compete.

That’s why we’re giving away 6 free Pose Cards. It’s not enough that we’ve been voted the best photo booth service in Denver. We want to eliminate lame parties forever!